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  1. OBD1 AND OBD2 Honda CEL Code list and How-To
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  9. ENG: double spacers
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  12. engine light came on
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  14. DIY Valve Adjustment (F23)
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  16. DIY Battery Relocation to trunk
  17. DIY: Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap (6th Gen)
  18. DIY: Catch Can
  19. DIY: 5 Dollar Short Shifter
  20. DIY: CD5/CD7/CE1 Fitting Depo Corners to USDM Brackets
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  23. INT:01-05 civic map lights (brighter than others)
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  25. reverse glow gauges?
  26. 5th gen climate control
  27. DIY: Headlamp Restore
  28. DIY help ??
  29. DIY: Make that pesky a/c heater valve close all the way! (And get colder a/c)
  30. Super cheap speaker repair!
  31. Whats the major Ground points on a accord?
  32. DIY: dual filament turn signal sockets
  33. I love duct tape! (tint removal)
  34. How to take the housing apart
  35. diy intake plenum spacer
  36. Input shaft bearing replacement. how-to
  37. Replacing my clutch
  38. Painting my rims, pics updated as i go
  39. 94-97 Interior Door Handle Replacement Guide
  40. S2K steering wheel
  41. DIY: 5th Gen JDM DEPO/STANLEY Corners into USDM Housings
  42. Window Regulator help.
  43. 3rd stop light
  44. Looking for ek fogs on cd5 diy
  45. DIY: RSX Seats into 5th Gen Accord Info
  46. Diy Videos
  47. Headrest Speakers?
  48. door panel and interior trim cleaning
  49. DRY ICE sound tar removal probably 15+ pounds gone
  50. HID projectors
  51. Swapping JDM Power Fold Mirrors to USDM Housings
  52. Carputer
  53. DIY Video : Ingalls Engine Torque Damper V6 8th Gen Accords
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  55. cb9 wagon rear wiper upgrade